Steps to Compliance

1) To make your current site ADA Accessible, we would first run a report and let you know the extent of work needed on your site. Once the report is completed, we would do some initial work on your site to let any visitor know your Website Accessibility Statement and that your site is in process of addressing accessibility, which is a good first step. This would require an initial payment of $300. Then we would let you know our estimate for finishing the changes. We expect that to be in the $1,500 to $3,000 range.

We would invoice you monthly and keep you updated on our progress via email. We strongly suggest you keep a copy of all emails through the process, so if ever needed you have a paper-trail of the efforts you have made and progress towards becoming ADA Compliant.

2) Typically our second step is to work directly on your current content. This includes items such as removing coded font sizes, font colors and adding meaningful alt tags.

3) After your current content is prepared for ADA Compliance we'll start the adjustment process on your current design, or create a separate website design for your content. This includes link sizes, link colors, background and text color options, adding a sitemap and other features needed.

4) Finally we proof and test your site before the final release. Typically we don't check PDF or Word documents, those will usually require completely rebuilding the documents, we would provide you the info needed to review your documents. If you would like us to rebuild your documents we would be happy to for a supplemental fee.

It may take more than a month to complete the work. Due to the complexity and unclear guidelines we will make your website ADA compatible to the greatest extent possible. While full ADA Compliance is possible, the cost may be prohibitive for your organization. Typically we would do the amount of work required to help you avoid an unscrupulous lawsuit.

ADA Website Compliance Assistance

If you have questions about your organizations liability for an ADA non-compliant website or if you need help getting your website protected give us a call or text today, 951.970.6172 or email